The Foundation

The Creative Science Foundation (CSf) is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to the exploration and promotion of creative methods as a means to foster innovation, advocating for a synergetic relationship between the creative arts (e.g. writing, films, art, dance, etc.) and the sciences (e.g. engineering, business, socio-political etc.).

Our methodologies

Our main but not exclusive methodology is the use of science fiction stories, grounded in existing practice, written for the explicit purpose of acting as prototypes for people to explore a wide variety of futures. These stories can be created by anyone, thereby empowering everyone to have a hand in shaping the future...

So what do you want this world to be like?

Science Fiction Prototyping


Science Fiction Prototypes (SFP) uses people’s imagination to write science-fiction stories to instantiate ideas for new concepts...

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Micro Science Fiction Prototyping


The core methodology of Micro Science Fiction Prototyping (µSFP) is the application of flash fiction as shorthand for...

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Compound Science Fiction Prototyping

(Macro SFP)

Macro-SFPs are larger versions of Micro-SFPs, occupying many pages of writing. They can be created in a way...

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Diegetic Innovation Templating


Diegetic innovation Templating (DIT) is a novel methodology that it extracts fiction-based ideas into future product...

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How can we help?

We provide consultancy and training on the ideation process and innovation methodologies. In addition, we organise various events and activities including conferences, courses, workshops, webinars, seminars, where scientists, engineers, researchers, business professionals, politicians, sociologists, writers, artists, and the general public come together and use science-fiction as a common language to explore the futures they want to build which.

Partnership ventures

The Creative Science Foundation partners with innovative businesses that pursue similar objectives to us. Some of these partnership ventures started as ideas generated from our idea incubator workshops, and have been growing since then. We support them and we continue working in collaboration with them to help them achieve their goals.

Our Partners