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Ale Peña-Rios

Graphic Designer specialist in Digital Media, Founder, Design Manager.

Ale is a digital media designer specialised on planning and designing user interfaces for web and mobile applications. She completed a BA in Graphic Design at Universidad del Valle de México and a diploma in mobile applications at Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico) amongst other certifications related to the digital design branch. Ale is remarkably experienced in designing user-friendly, easy-to-learn systems by employing user-centred and user experience design principles. Additionally, Ale has a successful record designing pixel-perfect graphics, such as interactive prototypes, user interface components, patterns and animated content for a variety of digital ends.

She has a strong professional background in the fintech, mobility and educational sectors, and due to her enterprising drive and leading experience she founded Otherworld, which is a digital media design agency and consultancy, where she manages several projects involving world-class brands.

Her interests lie in the areas of human-computer interaction, graphics in motion, tridimensional art and virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Additionally, Ale has written guest articles about music and travelling for a variety of online magazines.