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Brian David Johnson

Brian David Johnson is the Creative Director of the Creative Science Foundation (which he co-founded) being responsible for all things creative, ranging from the use of his own Science Fiction Prototyping methodology through to ensuring the Creative Science Foundation stays at the creative cutting edge in all aspects of its operations.

The future is Brian’s business, having been the first futurist ever at the Intel Corporation in 2009 where he worked for over a decade helping to design in excess of 2 billion microprocessors and ‘inventing’ the highly acclaimed future-casting methodology, Science Fiction Prototyping before setting up the Creative Science Foundation to promote and explore its use across multiple sectors of society.

Brian currently works at Arizona State University where he is a professor in the School for the ‘Future of Innovation in Society‘, Director of the ‘Threatcasting Lab‘ and the futurist in residence at the ‘Centre for Science and the Imagination‘. In addition, he is a Futurist and Fellow at Frost and Sullivan, the world’s leading market consulting and training company where he works with governments, trade organizations, start-ups and multinational corporations to not only help envision their future but specify the steps needed to get there. Brian maintains an impressive public profile, speaking and writing extensively in ongoing columns for IEEE ‘Computer Magazine‘ and ‘Successful Farming‘ where he is the “Farm Futurist”. He has contributed articles to publications such as ‘The Wall Street Journal’, ‘Slate’, and ‘Wired Magazine’. Brian holds over 40 patents and is the best-selling author of both science fiction and fact books (WaR: Wizards and Robots21st Century Robot and Science Fiction Prototyping). Brian appears regularly on Bloomberg TV, PBS, FOX News, and the Discovery Channel and has been featured in ‘Scientific American’, ‘The Technology Review’, ‘Forbes’, ‘INC’, and Popular Science. He has directed two feature films and is an illustrator and commissioned painter. In 2016 Samuel Goldwyn released “Vintage Tomorrows” a documentary based upon Johnson’s book of the same name.