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Marc Davies

Dr Marc Davies is the Director of the CSf partnership DreamMaker Technology.

He is also CEO of the commercial  venture of DreamMaker Technology, a SME research and development organisation, based in the United Kingdom. The primary aim of DreamMaker Technology is to provide cost-effective hardware and software solutions, for use in education and recreational activities, within the Computer Science or Electrical Engineering domains. DreamMaker Technology’s products are intended to promote interest and enable participation within these in demand STEM subject areas, both amongst prospective professionals and casual hobbyists. While based in the UK, many of our technologies are designed and intended for use by a global audience.

Marc was awarded a BSc, MSc, and PhD from the University of Essex in the United Kingdom. In subsequent years, he has worked in academic research roles, and positions for several multinational industry organisations including, Sun Microsystems, Intel Corporation, and BAE Systems. In no particular order, his research interests include; Artificial Intelligence (AI) (Biologically-Inspired Computing); Robotics (Mobile and Industrial Machines); The Internet of Things (IoT) (Smart Cities, Environments and Devices); Computer Games (Virtual / Mixed Reality, Game AI), and the use of fiction as a driver of product innovation.