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Ping Zheng

Dr Ping Zheng is the Business Development Director for the Creative Science Foundation where she where she is responsible for providing strategic direction to help the foundation grow and meet its objectives. This includes identifying new opportunities and guiding relationships (both internally and externally) and working with other directors to lead strategic development across the foundation.

Ping is well qualified in this role being an international expert in entrepreneurship and innovation management. She has been a business/policy adviser for The EU European Policy Centre, Chinese regional governments, and The Research Centre for China Public Sector Economy at Jilin University. She is an active researcher, author, and entrepreneur. She has extensive industry experience and worked as a partner and executive manager for a US-China joint venture which successfully developed a multi-million dollar business in China.  She is currently Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Canterbury Christ Church University. She is a specialist consultant for a number of public and private companies in China. More information on Ping can be found on her university webpage.