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Simon Egerton

Dr Simon Egerton is responsible for the Creative Science Foundation’s Creative Robotix venture, a partnership with La Trobe UniversityBendigo Campus, Victoria State, Australia.

The Creative Robotix venture seeks to motivate and educate pre-university students in STEM technologies through the construction of3D-printed mobile robots. The partnership is being initially rolled out across schools in the Victoria region of Australia but has ambitions to expand more widely in the world. Simon was awarded a BSc, MSc and PhD from the University of Essex in the United Kingdom and is currently Deputy Head of Computer Science and Information Technology at La Trobe University in Australia. He also holds an adjunct position with Monash University, Australia. His research interests include Health (telemedicine, social robot platforms), Agricultural Technology (internet of smart things, precision agriculture with autonomous robotic technology), and Smart Cities (Internet-of-Things). Simon has been an academic for over a decade after a spell in industry where he was responsible for designing and implementing embedded and real-time systems. He has a passion for disruptive technology and the application of open source technologies, including open embedded systems and open 3D manufacturing platforms, to help drive social entrepreneurship and address real-world problems for people in the community. Simon was a co-founder of the Creative Science Foundation, along with Brian David Johnson and Professor Victor Callaghan.