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Victor Callaghan

At the core of the Creative Science Foundation’s mission, is the belief that imagination is the most important tool we have at our disposable to change the world, the organisations we work for and our personal lives, for the better. As a young boy, I remember lying in bed imagining a world very different from my personal circumstances at the time. Those dreams along with numerous science-fiction novels inspired me to follow a science & engineering career that led to me completing a UK government-funded apprenticeship in avionics, a B.Eng in Electronics and a PhD in Computing from Sheffield University. This eventually led me into an academic career and various appointments including becoming a professor of computer science at Essex University and a visiting professor at Canterbury Christ Church University.

As part of this journey, I published over 300 papers in international journals, conferences and books along with acquiring several inventions. I co-founded the international IEEE annual conference series on Intelligent Environments and served on the boards of various scholarly events and publications. Of special relevance to the Creative Science Foundation is that I am a founding member of the editorial board of the Springer Science & Fiction book series, a position I continue to hold.  All these roads have now converged to my current position as the managing director of the Creative Science Foundation.

Currently, I live in Wivenhoe (see ‘Visit Wivenhoe‘ video), a picturesque village on the River Colne estuary, a region that played a colourful role in the history of ancient Britain. Along with Brian David Johnson and Simon Egerton, I co-founded the Creative Science Foundation.

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