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Victor Callaghan

Victor an emeritus professor of computer science at the Essex University. Previous positions have included being CEO of the Creative Science Foundation, President of the Association for the Advancement of Intelligent Environments and visiting professor at Canterbury Christ Church University. Along with Brian David Johnson and Simon Egerton, he founded the Creative Science Foundation. Together with Anasol Peña-Rios, Faiyaz Doctor, Minjuan Wang and Ping Zheng he developed the CSf online story writing/sharing platform (originally known as MySciFiStory). In other work, along with Ping Zheng he pioneered the UniCrowd (Faculty Cooperative) concept, with Hsuan-Yi (Jen) Wu he developed Imagination workshops, with Victor Zamudio he was instrumental in establishing the Dream Academy and with Shumei Zhang he pioneered the Creative Science method  of teaching language and innovation.  A more detailed description of his career can be found at