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Victor Zamudio

Dr Victor Zamudio heads up the Creative Science Foundation initiative, ‘Dream Mexico‘ which seeks to use science fiction as a way of capturing the interest of disadvantaged children, so they focus on gaining a good education, and career, in science and engineering as a way of rescuing them, and their families, from the poverty trap.

Victor is a researcher at Instituto Tecnológico de León (México). I am interested in a wide range of subjects such as cyclic-instability in rule-based multi-agent systems, augmented reality in the context of healthcare and well-being, project based learning and intelligent environments. I hold a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Essex (UK), a MSc in Computer Science from Monterrey Tech (México), and a BSc in Physics and Mathematics from Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí (México). I am co-director of the Computational Robotics Lab at Instituto Tecnológico de León, and member of the Intelligent Connected Societies Group at University of Essex (UK). As part of my experience, I have been Dean of External Relations at Instituto Tecnológico de León, being in charge of the Foreign Language Centre, Alumni Relationship Department, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, and member of the External and Internal Liaison Council at Instituto Tecnológico de León. I am a certified instructor in Project Oriented Learning, and member of the Thematic Network on Ageing, Health and Social Development (Mexican National Council for Science and Technology). Additionally I am a certified Open Water Diver, and member of IEEE and ACM. His interest in Creative Science is twofold, first as part of the Dream School, which he directs, he uses it as an instrument to interest children of financially disadvantaged families to follow careers in science as a means of escaping their poverty trap and secondly, as part of the ‘Empowerment Through English Language & Literature” (ePower) project he uses Science Fiction Processing as a means of teaching English to Spanish speaking science and engineering students.


  • Victor Manuel Zamudio Rodriguez
  • Division of Posgraduate Studies and Research
  • Tecnológico Nacional de México/ Instituto Tecnológico de León