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AI is considered the future of the world. The huge global opportunity AI presents is why governments around the world invest drastically in this sector. Some of the most striking visual examples of AI are robotics, drones and driverless cars. In order to better prepare for the future of AI, younger generations should gain understanding of the industry development and prepare themselves with the ready mind-set.

Our methodology – Science Fiction Prototyping

As with all new scientific advances, a significant challenge is to identify the myriad of ways that AI will change and benefit our lives. Many of the technologies we use today were science-fiction as little as 10 years ago. In fact, mixing a little fiction with some science fact led the world’s leading producer of computer components (eg processors),  Intel, to develop methodology called science-fiction prototyping that uses simple short-story writing to enable people (scientists, engineers and ordinary people) to have a hand in shaping the future of technology.  This workshop will explain these ideas and give the participants an opportunity to apply science-fiction prototyping to influence future AI applications of robotics.

During the workshop students will use Twitter to author and share their Science Fiction Prototypes. Note that with Twitter’s new character limit, stories should have a maximum of 268 characters. A selection of Science Fiction Prototypes from the workshop will be retweeted in our official Twitter account @CSciFoundation and published on this page.

A useful guidance form for writing µSFPs is available from this link. More information about µSFPs is available from this page.


  • AM understanding the background with prepared materials
  • PM Computer Science Professor-led interactive workshop