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Essex University students taking CE902 in 2016/17 are invited to write an individual μSFP as part of the lab exercise and assignments associated with this course (sorry, if you are not an Essex University student following this course in 2016/17, then you are not eligible to enter this competition).

1. HOw to enter the competition?

You can enter the competition via Twitter by writing your story using 130 characters and tweeting it using the hashtag #CE902_SFP no later than midnight on 7th December 2016.

All μSFPs will be retweeted in our official Twitter account @CSciFoundation and posted to this page. Once we have retweeted your story, you are officially in the competition!

A useful guidance form for writing µSFPs is available from this link. More information about µSFPs is available from this page.

2. HOW TO Win?

Now we need your help in deciding the best stories!

We are using Twitter to manage the competition so please review the stories and like‘ those you think are the best. The stories with the most ‘likes’ will receive prizes. A list with the participating µSFPs can be found at the bottom of this page.

The winner µSFPs will be announced at the lecture on Monday 12th December at 3pm.

NOTE: Deadline for voting for your favourite stories is by midnight of Friday 9th December.

WinnerS (as voted by PARTICIPANTS)



Masters projects on this topic

If you like this topic, you might be interested in doing your master’s project in this area. We are offering a number of projects that are described in the following paragraph:

Title: Online Innovation Lab


A recent influential report found that “Five years ago, globalisation would have been the most powerful lever for growth and every business would have been talking about China. But now, the growth lever that has the greatest impact is innovation”.

In support of innovation, this work (in collabortion with the Creative Science Foundation) will explore building on online innovation lab based around a gaming engine; Unity 3D. At its heart is a online creative space where people meet to generate creative ideas for products, businesses or solutions to societal challenges The online innovation lab is based around a virtual spacestation (OurHEX) containing multiple rooms where each specialises in supporting different kinds of creative activities. The construction of each room, and its supporting functionalities, will form an individual project as follows:

  • An ideation Room (supporting brainstorming)
  • A Creative Writing Room (supporting writing science fiction prototypes)
  • A Maker Space Room (supporting construction/learning via Internet of Things prototypes … or desktop robots if you prefer)

For more information look at the project webpage: If, when you have read the OurHEX project web page, you are interested in exploring the possibility of doing a project in this area, please email Dr Michael Gardner (