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The 7th Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference (GEIC)

Call for Papers (1st round)

Collaboration for Innovation and Growth

15th – 16h July 2024

Canterbury, United Kingdom


Christ Church Business School, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK


Liaoning University School of Economics, China

The Chinese Association of Science of Science and S&T Policy Research

Amstedam Business School, University of Amstedam, Netherland

Creative Science Foundation, UK


GEIC Background

Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference (GEIC) was established in 2013 by leading academics Prof Zheng Li, Liaoning University School of Economics and Prof Tsvi Vinig from Amstedam University Business School. Over the decade, GEIC made worldwide impact through international conferences and workshops, and dedicated endless efforts to promoting best practice and research in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.



The 7th GEIC will be held at Canterbury Christ Church University on 15-16th July 2024. It aims to bring entrepreneurs, practitioners, academics, researchers and policy makers together to actively shape a future for collaborative innovation and sustainable growth. GEIC provides a discussion forum enabling participants to engage in strategic dialogues and debates about best practice and latest research, exploring collaboration opportunities and innovative solutions.


Conference Themes: Collaboration, Innovation and Growth

We live in a turbulent global business environment that is experiencing unprecedented changes. A seismic shift in the fourth technological revolution raises the imperative need for businesses to innovate and grow. In the new digital era, innovations become more disruptive breaking away from established old patterns. It demands open innovation ecosystems that will enable collaborations and partnerships among businesses, governments and countries. How we innovate can change the world. To promote a better understanding and encourage debate on collaboration, open innovation and sustainable growth, the conference calls for papers in the following four themes:

  • Global Entrepreneur Forum
    • Welcome real-life entrepreneurs’ story telling and presentation
    • Social entrepreneur case studies on social innovation, sustainable growth and susscess
    • Public entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in the public sector
    • Private entrepreneurs and best practice
  • Collaboration for growth
    • For example: open innovation model and innovation ecosystem, managing partnerships, supplier relationship and networks etc.
    • Growth model: SMEs growth issues in different contexts; SOEs interenationalisation challenges; innovation and collaboration strategies for growth
    • One belt and one road initiative for collaborative growth in the global market
    • How to develop innovation ecosystems engaging governments, universities, private businesses and public sectors in different country context?
    • Interfirm collaborations and innovation diversity
    • International collaboration and economic growth
  • Sustainable and green innovation
    • For example: green innovation drivers, sustainablility policy, net zero carbon emissions driven innovation in different industry sectors.
    • How would green innovations help to tackle climate change and environmental sustainability?
    • Sustainable development and green innovation in emerging economies
    • Influencing factors and strategies for managing sustainable innovation
    • Government policies and sustainable development
  • Distruptive technology and future opportunity
    • For example: disruptive technologies, R&D management issues, opportunity orientation, opportunity assessment methods
    • How do emerging technologies like Blockchain / Cryptcurrency, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) generate new opportunities and drive new business models in the current market as well as shape the future industries?
    • Opportunity recognisation and construction with entrepreneurial networks
  • PhD workshop
    • Welcome conceptual papers, short papers and PhD project poster demo in the areas of the above four themes


Paper Submission Deadlines: 28th Feburary 2024

1st December 2023 to 28th Feburary 2024 – Open for registration and submission (6000 words for full paper or 500 words for abstract)

Submission link:

Contact email:



  • All conference papers will be peer reviewed and selected for acceptance and publication in the conference proceedings.
  • High quality paper will be selected for Special Issue for academic journals. (tbc)


Note:GEIC welcomes participants from all backgrounds. All conference papers will be peer reviewed and selected for acceptance and publication in the conference proceedings.