Creative Science Foundation - CSf

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Organising Committee & Roles

General Chairs:

  • Dr Ping Zheng, CCCU, UK
  • Dr Christopher Russell, CCCU, UK

Honorary Chairs (GEIC Founders):

  • Prof Li Zheng, Jilin University, China
  • Prof Tsvi Vinig, Amsterdam University, Netherlands

Programme Chairs:

  • Prof David Crawford, Ravensbourne University, London, UK

Local Chairs:

  • Sarah Taylor, PA to HoS, CCCU, UK
  • Claire Street, PhD researcher, CCCU, UK

Publication Chairs:

  • Dr Angelica Reyes-Munoz, UPC, Spain

Marketing Chairs:

  • Dr Andrew Jackson, CCCU, UK
  • Gareth Ward, CCCU, UK

PhD Workshop Chair:

  • Dr Richard McManus, CCCU, UK

Conference facilitators:

  • Rongdi Qiu, PhD researcher, CCCU, UK
  • Xini Hu, PhD researcher, CCCU, UK
  • Yiqin Wang, PhD researcher, Jilin University, China
  • Yuanbo Gao, PhD researcher, Jilin University, China

Steering Committee Members

  • Dr Chris Russell, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
  • Dr Ping Zheng, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
  • Prof Victor Callaghan, Creative Science Foundation, UK
  • Prof David Crawford, Creative Science Foundation, UK

Programme Committee & Editorial Team