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By way of some fun, we invited you to submit a simple design for a t-shirt with the theme, “What happens when science fiction meets science fact?”. The results were announced at CE’10, where finished T-Shirts of the winning design were distributed to workshop delegates. The competition was judged by a team chaired by the Art & Visual Designer, Sandy Winkelman.

The winning design was judged to be “Reflection in an eye” by a University of Sussex student. Her concept was a reflection in the eye of a futuristic robot (Jimmy, in this case, from Brian David Johnson’s “Brain Machine” stories). The idea was to show the interface between science in the form of the living world (us – the eye in this case) and the Sci-Fi world (the robot). The drawing is supposed to open questions such as: is the eye that contains the reflection human; might the eye be an animal or even another machine? Is there a level of abstraction above this more literal view? Might the image be an imaginative thought or a dream? Is the image of the robot an idea in a designers mind? Are we looking through an eye or at an eye? Is this art or reality?