Partnership Ventures

The Creative Science Foundation works in partnership with innovative businesses who share their goals of combining the arts and sciences to foster creative enterprise. Some of these partnership ventures started as ideas generated from our idea incubator workshops, and have been growing since then. We support them and we continue working in collaboration with them to help them achieve their goals.

If you are interested in working in parnership with us, we welcome inquiries through our contact page.

Partnership Directors

All founders and directors of CSf Partnership Ventures are members of the Creative Science Foundation. We work in collaboration with them to foster opportunities, innovation and development.

Ale Peña-Rios

Otherworld - Founder & Director

Timi Salako

Smart-Innovations Director

Dr Emmanuel Ferreyra

EvologIt - Founder & Director

Dr Marc Davies

Dream Technologies Director

Dr Hsuan-Yi Wu

Imagination Academy Director

Dr Victor Zamudio

CSf Education Director

Dream Franchise Director

Dr Shumei Zhang

Computer English Director

Dr Simon Egerton

Creative Robotix - Founder & Director

CSf Finance Director

CSf Founder