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My SciFiStory

This is an open innovation project originated by The Creative Science Foundation (CSf) that aims to produce a tool (MyScifiStory.Com) which people of all ages, backgrounds and locations can use to collaborate in inventing future products and lifestyles which they would like to see come to fruition.

This ambitious project takes its main inspiration from two sources:

  • Science fiction-prototyping (SFP), a methodology that employs fictional stories, written by anyone who has an interest in influence the future, as a means of nurturing imagination, generating innovative ideas and communicating and sharing them them across society.
  • A surrealists technique called  ‘the exquisite corpse‘ also known as exquisite cadaver (from the original French term cadavre exquis), whereby a collection of words (or story fragments) is collectively assembled through each participant adding to  a story in sequence, either by following a rule (where  rule variations feed the innovation process, such as only allowing a contributor to see the last story fragment). The teams of writers may take any form ranging from pre-assembled groups of in-class students, to open crowds of Internet users (thus, being a form of crowdsourcing).

The tool works by  inviting participants to collaborate in writing fragments of SciFi stories that describe a vision for a future they would like (a useful product, an attractive lifestyle, etc) and, when combined to form a complete story, facilitate communication  between the diverse stakeholders of these future innovations  …. citizens, academia, scientists, companies, school children, politicians etc.

How to get involved?

Our journey has only just begun and we would welcome the participation from individuals and other institutions. If you are interested in participate in this initiative please contact us.